We had faced many obstacles and challenges, most importantly to keep the exhibiting creativity alive. There was no sure answer to do this, apart from the fact that we were constantly being supported by the art community itself, especially the artists.

An art gallery would not be running without the close relations it has with the artists. We keep our relations alive by warm engagement with them and by constantly having discussion with them in persons or through media. It is this warm relation that keeps our spirits up on most days.

The glitz of urban culture has become our main focus. Fashion, mall ambience, café, night clubs, traffic jam, figures moving with speed as if they are in a race with time, and many others – those are the phenomenon that attract artists to work on. They may see them with affirmative, critical, or rejecting stance.

In short, we do not limit ourselves in presenting only a certain styles or genres though we are being swept away with the strong current of contemporary arts. As the name that the gallery bears ‘philo’ means ‘love’, we strive to always be able to offer warmth and joy to all those involved in our works, especially in every opening of an exhibition.