Help Me 215 x 200 cm I Oil on canvas I 2010

Doel AB

The spotlight on ‘urban culture’ is for contextual reason only. Urban issues or themes have given artists a lot of events, cases and issues that are challenging to be responded to; it is a general understanding that the changes in the society and the changes in the whole nations are coming from the changes in the urban space. Artists are challenged to take a stance about all the changes: either they have to go with the sweep of the flow or they gather their resolve and stand against it no matter how impossible it may seem.

Anniversary Expressions
Purwodadi, 17 Juni 1959
Jurusan : Seni Rupa IKIP Semarang

10thAnniversary, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2013 :
ARTJOG 13, Taman Budaya, Yogyakarta. INDONESIA ART AWARDS 2013, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta

Anniversary Expressions, Philo Art Space 7th Anniversary, Jakarta

Inagural ( Opening Art-1 Mon Décor Gallery )

Transfiguration, Galeri Semarang, Grand Indonesia

Tramendum, Galeri Nasional Jakarta / Philo Art Space
Reborn, H2 Galeri Semarang
Differences, Galeri Semarang
C-Art Show, Grant Indonesia ( Andis Gallery )
Indonesia Contemporary Drawing, Galeri Nasional Jakarta
Happiness 9, Philo Art Space Jakarta

Animal Kingdom, Jogja Gallery
S(y)ure, Philo Art Space Jakarta
Progress Report, Dahara Gallery Semarang
Manivesto, Galeri Nasional Jakarta
Mondecor Painting Festival
Space / Spacing, Galeri Semarang

Imagined Affandi, Galeri Semarang
Ilusi-ilusi nasionalisme 200 Tahun Raden Saleh, Jogja Gallery
Visual Art Exhibition International Literary Biennale, Galeri Langgeng
Memorabilia, Galeri Bu Atiek Semarang
Neo-Nation Biennale Jogja IX, Jogja Nasional Museum

Memory Semarang, Road Show Gedung Perpus Malang,
Galeri Gracia Surabaya

Realisme Banal, Galeri Gracia Surabaya
Realistage, Road Show Gong Galeri Bandung, Galeri
Semar Malang, Museum Widayat Magelang
Soul on Pa(e)per, Galeri Joglo Semarang
Garis Tepi, Galeri Cipta II Taman Ismail Marzuki Jakarta

Art Clip, Museum Ronggo Warsito Semarang
Kembang Setaman, Museum Ronggo Warsito Semarang

Metamorph-Art, Hotel Ciputra Semarang
Kemah Budaya TBRS Semarang
Semarang Kurung Buka, Hotel Dibyo Puri Semarang

Spirit on paper, Galeri Sienna Semarang

air, 140 x 90 cm, arcylic on canvas, 2011


Perhatian Deskhairi pada ruang ekosistem yang sedang terancam punah. Manusia seharusnya bagian dari alam namun penciptaan ruang abstraknya yakni pengetahuan tak terbantahkan lagi memampukannya mengambil posisi otonom di luar alam lalu mengendalikan bahkan sanggup menghancurkan alam itu sendiri.

My Space

Batu Sangkar, Sumatera Barat, 28 Desember 1972. Indonesia
Institute of Art (ISI) Yogyakarta

2000 : Lima Karya Lukis Terbaik “NOKIA INDONESIAN ART AWARDS 2000”. Semi Finalis “INDONESIAN ART AWARDS VII”

Selected group exhibition
2011 : My Space, Philo Art Space, Jakarta.

2010 : Pameran Seni
Rupa “BAKABA” Komunitas Seni SAKATO di Jogja National Museum,
Yogyakarta. Pameran Seni Rupa”ART 10 JOG” di Taman
Budaya ,Yogyakarta.

2009 : Pameran “TRAP(ESIUM)” di Edwin’s
Gallery Jakarta. Pameran “MENJELAJAH SPIRIT” di Galeri Biasa,
Yogyakarta. Pameran Seni Rupa “Grup MOMENTASI “di Sangkring
Art Space, Yogyakarta.

Deny Bojong, ADA APA DENGAN KEPALAKU  200 x 140 cm  Oil, Aerosol on canvas  2013

Deny Bojong

It is born out of sign. Human creations, whatever those may be, never materialized from vacuum. Arts are creations resulted from a relational connection between passion and stimulants. This connection is usually called as signifying process and this process runs at a very internal level, in the aesthetic battle of the creator.
Philo Article Space is presenting paintings and sculpture in the theme of Urban Signs. The space and time or condition that we call ‘urban’ is certainly an internal process of specific signs of all the parties involved in it, whether they are aware of it or not.
An artist has an ideal picture or concept of the art world in their mind (signified) and with all the sensory talent that they have, they capture the external signs (usually called signifier). It is this concept and the sensory talent that form the foundation of the knowledge (the signifying process) as a creation. Put simply, a creation is none other than a ‘system of signs’, not a mere idea or material.
A product, which in this context is an art work, as a ‘system of signs’ may only be understood through language. But we shall not see language in its narrow sense as a means to communicate, but to see it as a signifying (signifier – signified) process occurring in a self. To observe a creation of art is comparable to trying to read or interpreting the language of the creation, and in this effort to understand itself we are going through the signifying process, as we put meaning to the language of the creation. Our interpretation may arrive at the same meaning the creator invented, but it may as well be entirely different.

urban Signs

Deny Bojong
Born in Bandung, July 7, 1974.

Selected group exhibition(s):
Urban Signs, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

Bazzart art di hotel sahid jaya jakarta.

pameran bersama di gallery kuta gallery, Kuta Bali

pameran bersama di gallery Adi Pati Surya Ubud bali

pameran kelompok 7 di kuta gallerya Kuta bali

pameran bersama di museum Patahillah jakarta
pameran bersama di hotel Sari Pan pacifik jakarta

NATURAL BORN. 150x150cm. oil, oilstick on canvas 2012

Dedy Sufriyadi

This is the second of Dedy Sufriadi solo exhibition in Philo Art Space, under the theme ‘The World of Words’. It is a big theme with reference to the understanding of a world which is full of meaning. It’s been ages the Ancient Greeks called the world with the word ‘logos’, which may also be taken for ‘word’ or ‘saying’, or in a broader sense, as ‘system’, ‘order’, ‘orderly principal’ or similar notes. With this understanding, we came to the awareness that the emergence of knowledge depends heavily on the ‘logos’, which in Aristotle’s philosophy is shaped into a weave of sentences that is called ‘logics’.

To Dedy Sufriadi, logos is visualized as the line that founded the emergence of facade. Logos, at its base, is abstract, a world of forms, that may be approached only through communication, to see how logos shows itself. The universe, all matters that we see through as a form as a concept, are basically logos.

Logos, as is language, is a manner in which we express our intention, our objectives, or our desire. Numbers and letters are a part that is visual from logos, one that enables us to convey or to understand something.

Dedy Sufriadi chooses logos in its representation as letter and sometimes numbers to show that the world of arts is a world of flexible discipline, that lines can be formed into whatever we wish it. With letters he is free to rewrite the historic text, text of Descartes, Nietzsche, and the others, as an achievement of form that is not merely drawing lines.

“A world of words” is a world full of variety, and we should take it away from the limitation of language that imprisons the meaning. As is the understanding of meaning should not be merely comes from objects and must return to the objects, as if the words here are only medium – descriptive. Words create their own meaning and, when confronted with abstract words, the meaning goes beyond the reality itself. Words lost their referential, unless we pursue the meaning by the words that relate to them.

“A world of words” is an imaginary form with layers of meanings that multiply itself as we read or try to interpret it. Dedy Sufriadi paintings blatantly present the imaginary layers and create a textual reality whose daily presence is available to be read continuously.

In his first solo exhibition in Philo Art Space, under the theme ‘Hypertext Discrepancy’, Dedy has shown his understanding how we are living in a world where the meaning of text is so elusive and hard to define. This may make us feel ambiguous towards the reality, but an optimistic respond to ‘world of words’ would offer us the passion to give meaning to our own life, which is no different than vast textual spread rich in meaning.

‘A world of words’ as an ‘imaginary form’ reminds us of the creative condition when our minds wander to all corners of time and geographical places. To create is no other than producing new meaning to words, while also adding to and enrich the previous textual layer. With this concept, we are free of the burden of assumption of truth that goes beyond time and space that we should take care of.

To create and to be always within the world of words, but also challenging it to give rise to new meanings. Words can be a reality that dictate our selfness if we use it just to represent the reality, but not if we understand them as an imaginary form with which we change meaning if we desire so.

With “a world of words” Dedy Sufriadi is inviting us to not just stand in front of reality, but to copulate with it to produce newness that we all yearn but only if we yearn so. To create with logos! Within words we deconstruct words and create new meanings!

The World of Words

Dedy Sufriadi
Was born in Palembang, 20 Mei 1976

2012 Finalis UOB ART AWARD
2009 Finalis Tujuh Bintang Art Award 2009, Yogyakarta
2008 Lima karya terbaik Kompetisi Seni Visual “Setelah 20 Mei”, Jogja Galery
2006 Juara III Lomba Graffiti di Yogyakarta
2004 Juara III Lomba Graffiti di AMPTA Yogyakarta
2000 Finalis Philip Morris-Indonesia Art Award
1999 Finalis Nokia Art Award
1998 Finalis Winsor And Newton Art Competition
1997 Karya Seni Lukis Terbaik Feksiminas IV Yogyakarta
1996 Karya Sketsa Terbaik Fakultas Seni Rupa ISI Yogyakarta
Karya Seni Lukis Cat Air & Akrilik Terbaik Minat Utama Seni Lukis, Fakultas Seni Rupa ISI Yogyakarta

Selected Solo Exhibition(s)
2012 “The World of Words” Philo Art Space, Jakarta
2011 “The Body Of Text” Shyang Art Space Magelang
2010 “Hypertext Discrepancy”. Philo Art space Jakarta
2009 “Hypertext” tembi contemporary Yogyakarta
2007 “Re-READING”, Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
2007 “UN-Logical”, Jamaican Bar Yogyakarta

2012 ECO STROKE ART CAMP. Marari Beach Kerala India

Selected Group Exhibition(s)
“Intentionality”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
Devotion, Jogja Galeri Yogyakarta
Mencetak, Tercetak. Studio Komroden Haro Yogyakrta
Nandur Srawung, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Fitur-Figur, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Soulscape on Progress, Nalarroepa Ruang seni Yogyakarta
ARTJOG14, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
50:50, Nalarroepa Ruang seni Yogyakarta
Untukmu Guru, Museum Widyatat Magelang

ARTJOG13, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Silaturahmi, Bentara Budaya Jakarta
Bienalle Sumatera, Taman Budaya Padang
Pari Suka Pari. Di Museum Affandi Yogyakarta
Figuring Text, Text Figuring. Di Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta

Pameran “ THE SPEAKING HOUSE” Durbar Hall Gallery, India
Pameran “Live Inn Harmony” warung YAYA ARTSPACE sanur Bali
Pameran “ [s]mallseries” I AM artspace yogyakarta
Pameran “Tanda Mata” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran “Silaturahmi” Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran “Isyarat Langit” di GO ARTSPACE Surabaya
Pameran ARTJOG12. Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.
Pameran UOB ART AWARD #2. Jakarta
Pameran “Free kick” Royal Plaza Surabaya
Pameran “Tanah air pusaka” bentara budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran “The cock still fighting” syhang art space magelang
Pameran “UOB art award” Gedung UOB jakarta
Pameran “Magelang Young Collectors” RAC Magelang
Pameran “ Kembar Mayang”, Museum Widayat Magelang.
Pameran “Ruang Yang Sama” Museum H.Widayat Magelang
Pameran “Magelang Young Collectors” RAC Magelang
Pameran “ Kembar Mayang”, Museum Widayat Magelang.
Pameran “Ruang Yang Sama” Museum H.Widayat Magelang
Pameran “Meeting Point” Taxsu Art Galery Bali 2012

Pameran Food And Paper, RAC Magelang
Pameran Soulscape, The treasure Of Spiritual Art, Galeri Nasional
Pameran Soulscape, The treasure Of Spiritual Art, Sangkring
Art Space Yogyakarta
Pameran ARTJOG 11, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran MY SPACE, philo art Space Jakarta
Pameran Intelectus Sindicate. AJBS Galeri Surabaya
Pameran Mandiri Prioritas Jakarta
Pameran Dies Natalis ISI Yogyakarta XXVII. Gallery ISI Yogyakarta

Pameran “Unity: The Return to Art” at Wendt Gallery new york. USA
Pameran “Tramendum “philo gallery. Gallery nasional jakarta
Pameran “lets fly an arrow,” tujuh bintang gallery yogyakarta
Pameran “soulscape, treasure spiritual in art” Toni raka Gallery Bali
Pameran “ke-Bersamaan” Galery Biasa Yogyakarta
Pameran “Soulscape”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran “Gerakan Seni Abstrak Indonesia” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Pameran “Diorama kedamaian”hotel melia purosani yogyakarta
Pameran “Hiperlink” Tujuh Bintang Art Space Yogyakarta
Pameran “The Dream”, Tujuh Bintang Art Award, Jogja National Museum. Yogyakarta
Pameran “Subject Ekpose(s)”. Pure Art Space, Jakarta
Pameran “Cogito” Philo art space Jakarta
Pameran “Selayang Pandang Bumi Sriwijaya II. Yogyakarta
Pameran “Guruh Umar Bakri”, Jogja Gallery Jogjakarta
Pameran “Halo-Halo 1”, Manila Contemporary, Manila Philippina
Pameran “Fresh 4 U”. Jogja Galery Jogjakarta
Pameran “Realitas #3”, Ketik Reg Manjoer. Sangkring art space yogyakarta
Pameran “HEADLIGHTS 2009”. VWFA Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Pameran “Golden Box #2”, jogja gallery Jogjakarta
Pameran “All I Want For Xmas” Manila Contemporary Manila Philippina
Pameran “Versus”, Galeri 678 Jakarta
Pameran “Grand Opening Red Sea Gallery”, Australia
Pameran “Too Much Painting Will Kill You” di Tujuh Bintang Art Space Yogyakarta
Pameran “Perjalanan Seni Lukis Abstrak # 8”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Rumah Damawangsa Jakarta
Pameran “Setelah 20 Mei”, Jogja Gallery Jogjakarta
Pameran “Fragmentasi”, Philo Art Space Jakarta

Pameran “Perjalanan Seni Lukis Abstrak Indonesia # 5”, Semar
Galery Malang
Pameran “Optimis #2”, Galeri Biasa Yogyakarta.
Pameran Bersama, Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
Pameran “Seni lukis Abstrak #4”, Galery Nasional jakarta

Pameran Lukisan “Abstrak” di Melia Purosani Yogyakarta
Pameran “Through The Limit”, Koa’s Café and Dining Yogyakarta
Pameran Bersama, Hotel Melia Purosani Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Rupa “Vice Versa”, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta

Pameran di Four Season Hotel Jakarta
Pameran di Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
Pameran di Museum Ulen Sentalu Yogyakarta

Pameran lukis dan patung di Jogja Ekspo Center Yogyakarta
Pameran di Jogja Village Inn Yogyakarta

Pameran Grand Opening Rumah Seni Muara
Pameran Kelompok 8 di Benteng Vredeburg Sanggar Bidar
Sriwijaya Yogyakarta
Pameran #2 Issue di Rumah Seni Muara Yogyakarta
Pameran Membaca Ruang-Ruang di Rumah Seni MuaraPameran
Pratisara Afandi Adi Karya 2003
Pameran Launching Jurnal Seni Rupa SIDI

Pameran lima pelukis Yogyakarta, Gallery Proklamasi Jakarta
Pameran “Fathomless 7”, Mien Gallery Yogyakarta
Pameran di Etnik Kafe Yogyakarta

Pameran Seni Lukis “Kelompok 8 Sanggar Bidar Sriwijaya”, Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis “Imajinasi dan Warna“, Bizete Gallery Jakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis Bertiga di Dirix Art Gallery
Pameran Dialog Multi Rupa Sanggar Bidar Sriwijaya di Palembang
Pameran “Realitas II” Kelompok Greget, Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Art Festival Bizette Gallery Jakarta
Pameran Total Indonesia Art Award di Jakarta

Pameran Seni Rupa Perupa Muda Yogyakarta
Pameran Bersama, Dirix Art Gallery Yogyakarta
Pameran “Kelompok Solusi 4”, Melia Purosani Hotel Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Rupa Gelar Seni Pertunjukan Rakyat, ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran FKY Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Rupa Islami KMI ISI Yogyakarta, Masjid Istiqlal Jakarta.
Pameran Seni Lukis Philip Moris Indonesian Art Award di
Gallery Nasional Jakarta.
Pameran Seni Lukis “Art Festival”, Bizete Gallery Jakarta Pameran
Seni Rupa “Campur Sari”, Gallery ISI Yogyakarta

Pameran Seni Lukis Winsor And Newton Art Competition Bandung
Pameran Pekan Kesenian Indonesia, Yogyakarta
Pameran Dies Natalis di ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran “Dialog Multi Rupa” Sanggar Bidar Sriwijaya,
Purnabudaya YogyakartaPameran Kelompok Solusi 4, Dirix Art Gallery Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis Bizette Gallery Bali
Pameran Seni Lukis, LIPPO BANK Jakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis Nokia Art Award 1999, Jakarta

Pameran “Introspeksi”, Sanggar Driya Manunggal Yogyakarta
Pameran Tujuh Pelukis Muda, Hotel Radison Yogyakarta
Pameran “Bercermin”, Sanggar Suwung Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis Mall Pondok Indah Jakarta
Pameran “Refleksi Zaman”, Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta

Pameran Peksiminas IV, ITB Bandung
Pameran “Realitas” Kelompok Greget`95, Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis, Pandean Gallery Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis, Gallery Kencana Yogyakarta
Pameran Seni Lukis, Gallery Djuruk Yogyakarta

Pameran Sketsa di Sasana Ajiyasa FSR ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran Kelompok Greget, Sasana Ajiyasa FSR ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran “Dialog Dua Kota II ISI-IKJ”, Purna Budaya Yogyakarta
Proyek Seni Publik

Lukis Dinding Di Taman Parkir Serangan Yogyakarta
Lukis Relief Di AMPTA Yogyakarta
Lukis Dinding Di IKIP Yogyakarta
Lukis Dinding “ Kareda” Yogyakarta
Lukis Dinding Di AMPTA Yogyakarta