Jerry Thung



Technology is like two sides of a coin; at one side it makes life easier, at the other it enslaves those who are too dependent on it. The generation growing up on the 80’s is the witness to the extremely rapid development of digital technology in the past 30 years. The wildest dreams and most outrageous imaginations of writers, artists, film makers, and artistic designers are all came to live.  

Communication technology has shortened the distance, time and space. The internet universe came to Indonesia in the mid 90’s with the use of external modem the size of a book with only several kbps which now has evolved into a modem with several Mbps that is so small it is embedded in mobile phone – itself has experienced evolution from a home phone that gets smaller, thinner and then got bigger again as the human needs evolved from a mere talking device to compact communication device where we read, communicate in audio-visual as well as verbal modes. The world is indeed in our hands.

But who is in whose hands, actually? Is the technology in our hands, or are we in the grip of technology? The fact is, from the moment we wake up to the moment we close our eyes, the mobile phone that has turned into a full-fledged sophisticated gadget is the one thing that we touch first and last. For some people, their gadgets never sleep and stand alert for 24 hours. Indeed, gadget or device has becomes a necessity, a life line. 

Is it true that gadget has grown, made easier and made social communication better? Isn’t it also true that on the other hand, gadget has made a social isolation for its user? Those who are gadget-addicts, with all their social media activities, are so engulfed in their own world in their hands that they are alienating themselves from the real world surrounding them. 

After IQ is evolved into SQ and EQ, would we need the development of GQ – the intelligence to utilize gadget? Who knows…

Based on these conditions my creations for year 2015 emerge – those that are presented in Philo Art Space.


June 2015

Jerry T.


Joko Sulistiono

The paintings of Joko ‘Gundul’ Sulistiono bring forward festivity that we often see in city murals. People are constantly moving forward, their mind focused on the way ahead, trapped in their own choices and surrounded by the products of modern technology, information, transportation, and many things. But by replacing the modern human with the archaic characters of the Punakawan, we are then perturbed by the question: are we mentally capable of dealing with such sophisticated environment?

Urban Signs

Joko Sulistiono

Born in Grobogan, April 10, 1970. He received his art education
at the Indonesian Art Instute Yogyakarta, Indonesia graduated.

2000 The best 5 Phillip Morris Indonesia Award
Solo exhibition(s):
2005 Pameran di “ Mata “ Galler, Bali
2003 Pameran di KOONG Gallery, Jakarta
1998 Pameran “Sesak” di AIKON, Yogyakarta
Pameran “ Sampah “ di Dria Manunggal Yogyakarta

Selected group exhibition(s) last five years :
Urban Signs, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

Pameran di taksu gallery Bali
Pameran di upt ISI Yogyakarta
Pameran kembar mayang museum widayat Magelang
Pameran di JNM Yogyakarta
Pameran abdorror d museum dan tanah liat Yogyakarta
Pameran abdorror Belanda

Pameran jogja news jnm Yogyakarta
Pameran Spirit 90 santrian gallery Bali
Pameran di SYANG Magelang
Pameran bazart Jakarta
Pameran tribut nur kholis TBY Yogyakarta

Pameran bank bank krut bentara budaya Yogyakarta
Pameran “ INVENTORY” pesantren kaliopak Yogyakarta
Pameran “ Matahari” kelompok PP TBY Yogyakarta
Pameran hip !,hip!,HERO di gallery apik Jakarta
Pameran kel. Parkiran *POWER WAGON* jnm Yogyakarta
Pameran mask and face andi gallery Jakarta
Pameran artdelicious 7 bintang Yogyakarta
AAF apik gallery Singapore
Pameran di JAD ,andi gallery Jakarta
Pameran FSS Surabaya
Pameran tanah jawa tby Yogyakarta
Pameran jogja art share di jnm Yogyakarta

Pameran senang senang 7 bintang art space Yogyakarta
Pameran seniku tak berhenti lama, TBY Yogyakarta
Pameran jogja insign sozo Surabaya
Pameran exposign jec Yogyakarta
Pameran Bienalle jogja x Yogyakarta
Pameran pacific place Jakarta

Jange Rae

Jange Rae uses the existence of mutants as a mean to understand human activities that are indifferent to their space and time. What they care about is only performance: how their own self shall exist. As with mutants, issues on essence is irrelevant to be brought forward and it is because of that, the space and time become pliable between the nostalgia and the future. We can make them present in our performance wherever we are.

Jange Rae interprets mutants as a broad process: either as a scientific engineering or as natural genetic. Of course mutants are an issue of genetic process, hence comes the complicated problem of definitively understanding it: that the genetics, with the advances in cutting-edge technology, are capable of turning the human bodies into whatever they desires, including turning them into half-robot, cyborg. Are mutants identical to cyborg? – while in the initial understanding, mutants are result of genetic process that occur naturally in the human evolution.

Mutants, according to the concept of Jange Rae, in their function are aesthetically presented. Genetic diversion would absolutely bring forward visual tension – but perhaps for only a while. It will soon be replaced by an awareness that mutants are a generation whose inner self is aware of the binary relation and they perhaps even exceed it. And therefore they become a generation –X. Furthermore, Jange Rae emphasizes that mutants are no other than urban aesthetics!
X:a duo exhibition


Bandung, January 26, 1974

Solo Exhibitions :
2012 Solo Exhibition at YAYAA warung & Art space,Bali
2009 Solo Exhibition at Soka Gallery, Kemang Jakarta
2006 Solo Exhibition at Utterly Art Gallery, Singapore

Selected Group Exhibitions :

“X”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Picturing Pictures”, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum, Vietnam
“Gado-Gado”, A Mixture Of Fine Indonesia { ART } Delicacy’, The Gallery At Star Hill, KL Malaysia
“Asia Contemporary Art Show”, JW MARRIOTT HOTEL, Hongkong
“The Idol Of The Things”, House Of Sampoerna Gallery – Surabaya, Indonesia
“Multeity In Unity”, Art Xchange, Ion Art Gallery, Singapore
“Beyond Graffiti”, Ion Art Gallery, Singapore

“Art For A Cure”,because artspace, Naples, Italy
“Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair”, Hongkong
“Spoon Art Fair HK 12”, Hongkong
“Asia Contemporary art Show”, Hongkong
“Affordable Art Fair”, Singapore,
“Art Fair Malaysia”, Malaysia

“Urban In Between”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta Indonesia
“Expo For Mattia”, Naples, Italy
“Private exhibition at Hall” in Tirol, Austria

“Packaging”,Philo Art Space,jakarta
“Menilik Akar”, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta
“Subject Expose (s)”, Arslonga Gallery, Jakarta

“Jali-jali Jakarta”, Rumah Jawa, Kemang, Jakarta
“Silence of the City”, Denindo Art House , Jakarta

Karya terbaik Kompetisi Jawa Barat,Galeri Kita Bandung

“Bunga-bunga Bali”, Bali Cliff Hotel, BaliJava