Saepul Bahri



Saepul Bahri

Awards & Achivements

2004 : Best Still Life, FSR ISI Jogajakarta, Indonesia
1999 : Best Oil, FSR ISI Jogjakarta, Indonesia
1999 : Best Figurative, FSR ISI Jogjakarta, Indonesia
1998 : Best Sketch, FSR ISI Jogjakarta, Indonesia
1998 : Best Water colour, FSR ISI Jogjakarta, Indonesia

Selected solo Exhibitions
2009 : Journey , Philo Art Space Jakarta, Indonesia
2008 : Travelling Imaginary, Philo Art Space Jakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group exhibitions:
10thAnniversary, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2013 :
EGO, KOI Caffe Gallery Kemang Jakarta

2012 :
The Joys of EVERYDAY RITUAL Bali + Lombok, KOI Caffe Gallery Kemang, Jakarta

Indonesia di Mata Perupa Gedung MPR/DPR RI Jakarta

2011 :
Begoendal community in Jakarta Art Bienale

Sonny Eska


I try to unveil this theme in my arts

It seems that we all need agreement

Deals that we obtain through many ways

Some would cover them in socks, some in pants, some in condoms, some in love, or some in disagreement.

And that’s all there is to it

Agree? Who cares.


Jakarta, 17 June 2015

Sonny Eska

Soni Irawan






Sugihartono vividly describes how the time machine painstakingly reaches its objective in every single person of urban people. The building, road, skateboard, stilt, and everything else are just representations that can be read as sign, while it is clear that behind it, it is the time machine that enables people to be there – moving without its individual subject.

It is revealed to us clearly each day that life at its face value can be seen on the street, at work, in malls, cafés, which present people merely as moving figures. Sugihartono unmasks the exteriority and the interiority of the time machine; the urban life and the time machine itself, where people are going to and fro without regards to each others, which in itself is a repetitive problem that gives raise to the classic question: what is the meaning of life?

Time machine concludes the meaning where human is now free of its being (ontologically). Therefore the issue of human dualism of body and soul melts into the time narration that demands such work maximization! Without doubt, all Sugihartono work offer us with implication that we are now inside the mechanistic repetition of time; carried away in the time movement that spies on the direction we are heading every time we take a step. Nothing is left?

Time is the only witness that could testify that we or our live was there and it amuses us to search for the source of that life. Generally, we already understand this concept of time that we call ‘nostalgia’. It is most probable that to Sugihartono we are still in possession of such memories of the past and it raises the question of whether time machine can totally obliterate the individual person significance.

In this regards Sugihartono tickles us on the ‘modification’ modus that signify whether nostalgia is a hidden energy that would reveal itself and present us with human creativity in overtaking the mechanistic time machine? That work is purely for the sake of work without giving any new meaning to it? That human work for a reason but then abandons the reson itself because of time constraint in their work. Ironic!

Time Machine
Urban in Between

Gresik, October 21, 1967
IKIP Fine Art Surabaya 1988

Selected Group Exhibitions:

“Time Machine”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Meta-Amok”, Seni Rupa Nusantara, Indonesia Nasional
Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia
“Festifal Tangerang”, Universitas Multimedia Nusantara

“Idiotisme”, Rumah Seni Gudeg Citra Raya, Tangerang
“Show Time”, Jonant Galeri Tangerang

“Haul Pak Harto”, Crown Plaza-Jakarta

JAM “The Second God” Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta
“Urban in Between”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta , Indonesia
“Breakin the Wall”, Grand Theater TIM,Jakarta

“Urban Behaviour”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Menjadi Indonesia”, Studio Kayan, Gedung Arsip Nasional
Jakarta, Indonesia

“Jakarta Awakening Arts”, Hotel Sultan Jakarta, Indonesia
“Fantasy Object”, Millenium Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia
“Setelah 20 Mei”, Jogja Gallery, yogyakarta,Indonesia
“JAA”, Galeri Pasar Seni Ancol, Jakarta Indonesia
“The Silence of City”, Denindo Art House, Jakarta
“Indonesia Today”, Linda Gallery Siangapre

“Demi Ma(sa)”, Seni Rupa Nusantara, Indonesian National
Gallery, Jakarta Indonesia
“Keseimbangan, Serabut”, Rumah Seni Gudeg Citra
Raya, Tangerang, Indonesia
“Matra Realisme”, Gallery Surabaya, Surabaya East Java

“Dari Cela Pabrik”, Rumah Seni Gudeg Citra Raya,
Tangerang, Indonesia

“Dari Negri Pabrik”, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Indonesia
“For Aceh”, Indonesian National Gallery. Jakarta, Indonesia
“3+3=?”, Rumah Budaya Titi Hijau, Gading Serpong,Tangerang

“Exhibition In Memory”, DIS, Serpong Tangerang

“Bebas Bicara”, Dewan Kasenian Surabaya, Surabaya East
“Warna-Warna”, Westin Hotel, Surabaya, East Java

Sardono W Kusumo

The spotlight on ‘urban culture’ is for contextual reason only. Urban issues or themes have given artists a lot of events, cases and issues that are challenging to be responded to; it is a general understanding that the changes in the society and the changes in the whole nations are coming from the changes in the urban space. Artists are challenged to take a stance about all the changes: either they have to go with the sweep of the flow or they gather their resolve and stand against it no matter how impossible it may seem.

Anniversary Expressions

Sardono W Kusumo
Born in Surakarta, 6 Maret 1945.

Solo Exhibitions
“Choreography of Colours #3, Galeri Semarang
“Coloring Colours”, Galeri Nadi – Jakarta

Selected Arts Activities
Anniversary Expressions, Philo Art Space 7th Anniversary, Jakarta

Opera Diponegoro : Java War
Tempat : Teater Jakarta – Taman Ismail Marzuki

Tempat : New York, USA
Pentas dalam rangka Muslim Voices : Arts and Ideas yang diselenggarakan oleh Asia Society – New York.

Volcanoes and Rocks
Tempat : RedCat – California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
Kolaborasi dengan David Rosenboom, I Nyoman Wenten, dan beberapa seniman musik kontemporer dari CalArts.

Opera Diponegoro
Tempat : Keraton Yogyakarta
Peringatan 100 Tahun Kebangkitan Nasional bekerjasama dengan Kesultanan Yogyakarta.

Sunken Sea
Tempat : Selasar Sunaryo Art Space (Bandung)
Berkolaborasi dengan karya instalasi Sunaryo “The Mountain of Wind”

Hutan Plastik
Tempat : Graha Bhakti Budaya – Taman Ismail Marzuki
Berkolaborasi dengan pianis Ananda Sukarlan

S u j a r w o

Sujarwo are presenting the optimism of today and the tomorrow. Our daily life is indeed a labyrinth, we trod without the assurance of finding a way out. It is in our urban disposition to strive to move forward, even upward reaching the sky, with the ambition of building our castle in heaven just as it was in the story of the ancient Babel tower.

Urban Signs


S u j a r w o

Born in Kendal, March 28, 1964. Education at Tinggi Kesenian
Wilwatikta (STKW) Surabaya. From 1988 – 1991 was works as
illustrator for Ensiklopedi Nasional Indonesia, first edition, published
by PT. Cipta Adi Pustaka, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2012 Indonesia Tanpa Diskriminasi Jakarta, Indonesia
2012”, Jakarta, Indonesia
2012 Finalis Jakarta Art Award(International Painting Competition2012),
Jakarta, Indonesia
2010 Finalis Jakarta Art Award(International Painting Competition2010),
Jakarta, Indonesia
2008 Finalis Jakarta Art Award, Jakarta, Indonesia

Solo exhibition(s):
2008 “Shopping Mall & Fashion”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
2009 “Shopassion”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group exhibition(s):
Urban Signs, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

“Indonesia Tanpa Diskriminasi” Jakarta, Indonesia
“Ideal World” Jakarta International Art award 2012 NAS, Jakarta Indonesia

“My Space”,PhiloArt Space,Jakarta, Indonesia
“Nusantara Diatas Kanvas” Sampoerna Strategy”, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Drawing Art Surabaya Dimataku” Galeri House of Sampoerna, Surabaya, Indonesia
“Cultural Bridge” Wendt Gallery, New York, Amerika Serikat

“Reflextion off Megacities”Jakarta International Art award 2010, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Noah’s Art”, North Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Pour les Enfants de la Rue >> (PER) Jakarta, Indonesia

“Jakarta Art award 2008, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Global Warming”, Jakarta, Indonesia
“S(Y)URE”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Sutrisno Jambul

Sutrisno Jambul

Sutrisno Jambul was born in Jakarta, 14 October 1978. He studied basic journalistic in 2002 followed with journalistic class education in 2004 at Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery. In 2006, he pursued morning class education at Anton Ismael. He worked at Jakarta Magazine as Contributor in 2006. From 2008 – 2009 he worked as Photographer at Merdeka Daily. He is now a Photographer at Corruption Eradication Media and as an active Contributor to Demotix/CorbisNews. Some of Sutrino’s journalistic pictures had been at Guardian, Press Association Images, Bauer media group Australia.

2001 Runner up of Photo Model Rally Fuji Film
2002 First winner of Photo Model Rally at Foto Media Magazine
2004 Runner up of creative photo at Foto Media Magazine

Selected Photography Group Exhibitions:
2014 : Watching, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

2012 : Pamphlet Photography Exhibition at Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery, Jakarta
2011 : “Geliat Jakarta”, FX Plaza, Jakarta
2009 : “Urbantopia”, North Art space, Jakarta
2001 – 2006 :
Photography Exhibition at Antara Journalistic Photo Gallery and at Anton Ismael, Jakarta

samy zimah


Samy Zimah

Solo Photography Exhibitions:
2012 “Illusion”, Tri Tunggal Gallery, Jogyakarta, Indonesia
2011 “Recycle”, Jogya Gallery, Jogyakarta, Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2014 “Watching”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
2013 “Homage to Asia – Liebeser Klarung an Asien”, Dresden, Germany
2012 “Anniversary”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Katanya Indonesia”, Galeri Gudang Panglima Polim, Jakarta, Indonesia
2011 Printing ASEAN logo at the porous media