Deny Bojong

It is born out of sign. Human creations, whatever those may be, never materialized from vacuum. Arts are creations resulted from a relational connection between passion and stimulants. This connection is usually called as signifying process and this process runs at a very internal level, in the aesthetic battle of the creator.
Philo Article Space is presenting paintings and sculpture in the theme of Urban Signs. The space and time or condition that we call ‘urban’ is certainly an internal process of specific signs of all the parties involved in it, whether they are aware of it or not.
An artist has an ideal picture or concept of the art world in their mind (signified) and with all the sensory talent that they have, they capture the external signs (usually called signifier). It is this concept and the sensory talent that form the foundation of the knowledge (the signifying process) as a creation. Put simply, a creation is none other than a ‘system of signs’, not a mere idea or material.
A product, which in this context is an art work, as a ‘system of signs’ may only be understood through language. But we shall not see language in its narrow sense as a means to communicate, but to see it as a signifying (signifier – signified) process occurring in a self. To observe a creation of art is comparable to trying to read or interpreting the language of the creation, and in this effort to understand itself we are going through the signifying process, as we put meaning to the language of the creation. Our interpretation may arrive at the same meaning the creator invented, but it may as well be entirely different.

urban Signs

Deny Bojong
Born in Bandung, July 7, 1974.

Selected group exhibition(s):
Urban Signs, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

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