Erizal As

Rhythmic visual rhythm
Rhythm is omnipotent in our life; it is there in our heartbeat, in every breath we take, in our emotions, and in our perceptions; it’s there in the chirpings of the birds, in the ocean’s waves, in the sound of water falling; in almost everything that surround us. It is inherent in sound, movement, lines, and colors. It is rhythm that gives meaning to life. In the conscience of the ancient Greeks, cosmology was none other than the presence of a unified interplanetary rhythm, and they built it as a musical conception in philosophy-mathematical form.

Where our feet lead us, where we look, where we hide, where we play, and all other places are none other than rhythm! Such awareness evokes people to organize rhythm using their unique abilities and to make it a string of narrations presenting something that to one’s perception is kept hidden and shrouded. What is the meaning of this? Not all understand what one says, does, thinks or whether it is purposely kept as secret, and that’s the reality – rhythmic reality.

Rhythm is a choice of challenge that young painter Erizal AS taken for his second solo exhibition in Philo Artspace. To present this theme does not come naturally; it needs a close and serious look at his paintings to see that the characteristics are ripe with rhythmic nuance.

In the timeline of Indonesian art history, Erizal AS is still considered as a young painter. But he has made a name in the exuberant contemporary paintings scene in the past five years. His avidity in his active participation in many exhibitions and painting competitions locally and internationally is a sign of a promising serious creativity and productivity. It would be right to say that Erizal is a painter that has established his distinctive character and language.
In this exhibition, Erizal AS would like to convey rhythm that is present in his daily life, in a subjective way, of course, and without the technical reason to modify rhythm and putting it into what we call music. What is interesting to note is his effort to create relations of meaning amongst the musical instruments, human figures, and nature. The significance of the three elements is evidence in the expressive conspicuous strokes of his paintings – as if they are catharsis intent on giving nothing to spare.

The meaning shaped by the relations of rhythm, human, and nature in Erizal’s paintings visibly shows a life narration that strongly represents figures which are dynamic, emotive, and clearly open. His choice of musical instruments such as the piano, guitar, saxophone and violin is merely to show that there are differences when it comes to individualistic expressions.

And what meaning could we expect from the narration of live by rhythm, or in this case, from music? In music rhythm we can find different breath of life narrations: tragedy, comedy, and irony.

People in general would desire to have life esthetically managed, as to find harmony. What are the prerequisite for such harmony? It is none other than the ability to align the tragic, the comic, and the ironic elements! But that would not be the final answer, as we would then be faced with another question: where do tragedy, comedy, and irony come from? The question was indeed the biggest challenge for ancient Greeks thinkers, which eventually gave birth to the discipline of thoughts that we now know as philosophy!

Reality is born out of rhythm! It comes from the human efforts to manage rhythm into various elements and domains of life. Without rhythm, all we have is chaos! Cosmology is believed to be a harmonious orders of strings of rhythm, from which human sees the meaning of life. When Pythagoras interpreted rhythm that he believed to be present in every planet through mathematics, as was written in the early paragraph of this writing, human endeavor to find harmony was believed to have reached a huge success! Music represents logos. The very principal of reality, order, structure and the harmony itself!

The importance of music that represents logos is seen as the foundation of Western civilization, culminating with Friedrich Nietzsche thinking in his book “The Birth of Tragedy”. Nietzsche reexamined the harmonic problem that was identified with the character Apollo and chaos with Dionysius. The problem there lies in how the characters are triggered, with the very thing that we have mentioned over and over, rhythm – music!

It seems to be such a simple matter, how we interact or relate to rhythm – though this matter is hardly the exclusive concern of only few people. Erizal is only one of many painters that happen to be ready to interact with rhythm using painted media. He expresses that rhythm is spontaneous, energetic, hyphenated while at the same going in paradoxical circle. We wonder where in life’s narrative those expressive rhythms bring us. We may be brought to tragedy, irony, or comedy through whatever rhythm we interact with. It is impossible to define the rhythm of life permanently. Rhythm will let us float, crawl, submerged, planted, or whatever.

Erizal seems incline to present that it would be possible for the rhythm of life to adjust to our own experiences, and how we put our own meaning to them. We can see that in how as a painter he has so freely chosen the musical instruments that conform to his aesthetic feeling.

Rhythm is our very own life!
Let’s enjoy the exhibition.
Tommy F Awuy
Rhythem of Art

Erizal As
Padang Panjang, 3 februari 1979
High School of Fine Arts in Padang 1994-1997, Faculty of Fine Art, Indonesian Institute Of Art, Yogyakarta.


– 10 Finalists, Lomba Keterampilan Siswa Tingkat Nasional, Jakarta
– Painting Contest, Lomba Lukis Wajah pahlawan, museum Aditiawarman, Barat.
– Finalists Philip Morris Art Awards V.
– Best Work at Dies Natalies XVI ISI Yogyakarta.
– Nominated as one of 10 Best at the painting contest Selekda PEKSIMINAS VI.
– CP Open BIENNALE 2003
– Finalists Indonesian Asean Art Awards.
– Finalists Indofood Art Awards.
– Finalists Jakarta Art Awards, 2006
– As 20 nominees of visual art competition of The Thousand Mysteries of Borobudur

Solo Exhibition

Rhythm of art, philo art space, jakarta

– Solo Exhibition ‘lines Project’ Koong Gallery, Jakarta

Selected Group

10thAnniversary, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

BAKABA#4 Randang dan Rendang, Sakato art Community, Yogya Gallery.
Gambar, Museum Dan Tanah Liat, Yogyakarta.
Reborn Everytime, Sangkring Art Space, Yogyakarta.
Affordable Art Fair, Hongkong

LOCAFORE’14, Bale pare Hall, kota baru, Parahiyangan, Bandung.
BAKABA#3 kini, Jogja Gallery, yogyakarta.

Homoludens#4 “Bermain Seni Rupa dengan Tiga Pesan” Bentara Budaya Bali
Motion & Rhythm, Sangkring art project, Yogyakarta
– Painting Exhibition, FREEKICK, Convention Hall Royal Square, Surabaya

– Islamic Visual Art Exhibition “BAYANG” National Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition Homoludens # 2, Emmitan CA Gallery, Surabaya.
– Painting Exhibition ‘My Space’, Philo Art Space, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘Intip’ Jakarta Art Distric, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘ City of west, Green Art Space, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition, Nusantara diatas kanvas, Sampoerna Strategic Center, Jakarta

– Group Exhibition ‘Bakaba, Sakato Art Comunity, Jogja Nasional Museum, Yogyakarta
– Group Exhibition Citra Ekspresi Jogja 2.Hotel Shultan, Jakarta
– TRAMENDUM’ Philo Art Space 5th Anniversary, National Gallery, Jakarta

– Painting Exhibition ’ TRAP(ESIUM)’ Edwins Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ’Charity for Yayasan AIDS Indonesia, Linggar Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition “ Borderless World’ Second Unniversary of Srisasanti Gallery, Yogyakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘Exposign’ Jogja Expo Center, Yogyakarta

– Painting Exhibition ‘Celebrating The Differences, Elegance Art Space, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘Biasa Gila’ Biasa Gallery, yogyakarta-
– Painting Exhibition ‘ Survey’ Edwin’s gallery, Jakarta
-”Boys|Girls” Contemporary Art, Youth life and culture in two part, Edwin’s Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘Hulu Fantasi’ One Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘ SENSI ” Philo Art Space, Jakarta
– “ Manifesto” National Gallery, Jakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘ Sin Sign’ Gracia Art Gallery, Surabaya
– Painting Exhibition ‘ Texture dalam Lukisan’ Jogja Gallery
– Painting Exhibition ‘Jogja Art fair’ Taman Budaya Societed Yogyakarta
– Painting Exhibition ‘Kuala Lumpur Art Fair’ Malaysia

– Painting Exhibition “kembali ke Gampingan”, ex FSR ISI yogyakarta
– Painting Exhibition “Exsisten” jogja Gallery
– Visual Art Exhibition “The Thaousand Mysteries of Borobudur”, Jogja Gallery
– funrrissing “ BOOKAID” IVAA, Nadi Gallery
-The Eleven Painters, El Canna Gallery, Jakarta
– Visual Art exhibition, utan kayu, INTERNATIONAL LITERARY BIENNALE 2007, LanggengGallery, Magelang
– 100 years of Affandi,’ Bung ayo Bung’ Affandi Museum, Yogyakarta
– 1st Anniversary of Jogja Gallery, Visual Art Exhibition, Yogyakarta
– “BUMI’, Mondecor Galeri, Jakarta
– Inspiring Indonesian Contemporary Art,Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai
– Painting Exhibition ‘Behind The Horizon’ Sri Sashanti Gallery, Yogyakarta

– Visual Art “Jalin Bapilin” Benteng Verdeburg Yogyakarta
– Charity Art For Jogja, Gedung Taman Budaya Societed Yogyakarta
– Painting Competition ‘Jakarta Art Awards’ Pasar Seni Ancol, Jakarta
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– Painting Exhibition “ANTHOLOGY”, Mondecor Gallery,Jakarta

– Painting Exhibition “OBJECT(ify)” NADI Gallery, Jakarta.
– Painting Exhibition “Mempertimbangkan Tradisi” Minang Kabau Artists of Indonesian, National Gallery, Jakarta.
– “Funrising” di Kedai Kebun,Yogyakarta.
– Painting Exhibition FKY XVI “BARCODE’ Gedung Taman Budaya Societed Yogyakarta.
– Painting Exhibition “New Works” TAKSU Gallery, Jakarta.
– TAKSU 10nd Anniversary, Celebrating 10 year of fine art in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.
– Painting Exhibition “LUSTRUM IV ISI” Yogyakarta.

– Painting Exhibition “REPLY” FKY XV,Gedung Societed,Yogyakarta
– Group Exhibition “SAKATO”, Langgeng Gallery. Yogyakarta.
– Painting Competition “PRATISARA AFFANDI ADHI KARYA”, ISI Yogyakarta.
– Cp Open BIENNALE “Interpelation” National Gallery, Jakarta
– Finalists of the “INDONESIAN ASEAN ART AWARDS”, Gedung ASEAN Jakarta & Medan.
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– Painting Exhibition “ Diversity in Harmony” Gedung societed, yogyakarta
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– Painting Exhibition “LEPAS 97, FSR ISI” Gampingan,Yogyakarta.
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– Painting Competition “Philip Morris Art Awards V”, Jakarta.

– Group Exhibition “SAKATO II”, Purna Budaya Yogyakarta.