The intentionality of Ibrahim is very challenging, infiltrating and becoming an internalization of being with nature. There is almost no visible line between the me-nature. Subjects are no more than lanscape where consciousness are manifested in the borderlines of the still and escotheric space-time. We are brought to the situation of relation between interiority and exteriority that shed their selfness and material gown.

Ibrahim’s paintings starkly represent the world of impression. Human in its selfness is melting and objects are no longer within touch like wall that creates the distance between me-object into a spiritually collective conscious mind. This does not signal the end of the journey but instead the more it shifts as is shown by the fibrant display of lines and colors.


Was born in Bukittinggi 27 oktober 1975
Education at Indonesian Institute of Art Yogyakarta, Indonesia

2001 Finalist Phillip Morris Indonesia Art Award

Selected Solo Exibition(s):
2012 No Story di Rumah Seni Embun Medan
2008 Sunyi Di Tengah Riuh Gallery Semarang

Selected group Exibition(s):
“Intentionality”, Philo Art Space, Jakarta, Indonesia

Para Pengajar Seni Rupa 2013: “Melihat/Dilihat” Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Motion and Rhythm, sangkring art project, yogyakarta
Emosi dan Rasa, go art space, Surabaya
Traditional and Modernity ISI Padangpanjang di H K U .Utrecht. Neaderlands
homo ludens 4 di taman budaya bali
bertiga ‘Lihat’ di Taman Budaya Padang.

Kembar Mayang di Museum Widayat . Magelang
Freekick di Convention Hall Royal Square, Surabaya.
BIENNAL SUMATERA di Taman Budaya Sumatera Barat
Merapi Singgalang di Rumah budaya Fadlizon .padangpanjang
Garis Bawah di gedung M.Syafei kota padangpanjang

cross over Tujuh Bintang Gallery Yogyakarta
Up Reasing 96 Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
ARTJOG II Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Betawi dan Jakarta tempo doloe Gandaria city Jakarta

BAKABA Sakato art community Jogja Nasional Museum

Trap[esium]Edwins Gallery Jakarta

Survey Edwin Gallery Jakarta
Sunyi Di Tengah Riuh Gallery Semarang

Dua kota,STSI Padang Panjang,Taman Budaya Sumatra Utara, Medan
jogja art fair, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
E-Motion,Visual art,Gallery Nasional Jakarta
Detik 96 Sangkring art space Yogyakarta

Spirit, V-art gallery,Yogyakarta

Spirit of play, Bentara Budaya Yogjakarta
re-reading landscape Nadi,gallery Jakarta

campur-campur Taksu gallery Jakarta
Mempertimbangkan Tradisi (sanggar sakato) gallery Nasional Jakarta

Gelar karya isi di Museum Nasional Jakarta
Festival Kesenian Indonesia di stsi Surabaya
Diesnatalis isi gallery isi yogyakarta
bersama lukis dan patung “manusia 2002” dirix gallery
jadikan aku pacarmu sanggar caping benteng fredenburg yogyakarta
Phillip Morris Asean Art Award di hotel Seraton Bali
Fathomles 7 di miens gallery Yogyakarta

lukis bertiga di dirix gallery yogyakarta
phillip morris indonersia art award gallery nasional Jakarta
11 (sebelas) gelaran budaya yogyakarta

gelar seni pertunjukan

kelompok sakato di purna budaya yogyakarta
kelompok detik 96 di purna budaya yogyakarta
festival kesenian Indonesia gallery isi yogyakarta

kelompok detik 96 di purna budaya yogyakarta

kelompok sakato di purna budaya yogyakarta