Lenny Ratnasari Weichert

Lenny’s sculptures show figures of women still having trouble with their own existence. This is a phenomenon that cannot be freed from the history of women, especially on sexual relations. The long history of sexual relations or gender discrimination has provided its shares of women’s depression in ‘women’s fate’ related to their body. It is the body of women that gives life to life, but it is also the body that has been subjected to abuse and subjugation throughout history.

Urban Signs

Lenny Ratnasari Weichert

2005 The Hartnackschule Berlin, private school of languages
1995 – 1996 Juhasz Gyula College, Faculty of Fine Arts, Szeged, Hungary
1993 – 2005 Fine Arts (Sculpture), Indonesian Institute of Arts (ISI)
1990 – 1995 IKIP Teacher

Award and Residencies:
Residencies Art Collaboration Project U(Dys)topia 7 weeks in Dresden
and Berlin Germany
Lived and residencies in Singapore (PR) 2007-now
Lived and residencies in Berlin Germany 2005-2007
Visiting Arts/Delfina International Fellowship Artist for 2002-2003 London
United Kingdom.
Residence for 2001 (3 months) in Netherland
Residence Artist for 1995-1996 in Juhasz Gyula College, Szeged, Hungary.

Solo Exhibition(s):
2003 Open Studio, Sky Light Gallery, Delfina Studio, London, UK (solo)
Artist-in-Residence, Visiting Arts/Delfina International Fellowship
Artist, London, UK

1998 Up to You Kedai Kebun, Jogyakarta, Indonesia (Solo)
1996 Kotodesek Impala Haz Gallery, Szeged, Hungary (solo)

Selected group exhibition(s) last five years :
Urban Signs, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

Java Spices International Visual Art Exhibition Jogja National
Museum. Jogjakarta
10 Jakarta Female Artist Museum of Fine Art and Ceramic Jakarta.
Indonesia dimata Perupa Gedung Nusantara V Jakarta, Curated by Weye haryanto
Contemporer Sclupture Locafore Kota Baru Parahyangan-Bandung, Curated by Asikin hasan
Bulan, Bintang dan Matahari (Isyarat Langit) GO Gallery Surabaya,Indonesia, Curated by Soewarno W.
Buruh Melintas batas -Artspirasi- Galeri Cipta II Jakarta
Wall of Fiction Indonesian National Gallery Jakarta Indonesia,Curated by Frigidanto Agung
Negari Yogyakarta Hadiningrat Museum National of Jogjakarta,Curated by Dwi Marianto
Kembar Mayang, Museum Widayat Magelang.

Jakarta Biennale XIV ‘Maximum City’ Curated by Bambang Asrini

Woman in Art Power Purna Budaya UGM. Yogyakarta

Crossing Signs 14 artists form Germany and Indonesia, experiencing the ‘liminal zone’, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
and Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta. Curated by Leonor Veiga (Portugal) and Sudjud Dartanto (Indonesian)
Speak off Jogja National Museum

Power Wagon JNM Jogjakarta Indonesia
U(Dys)topia Art Collaboration – 7 Indonesian and 7 German
Artists in Gallery HfBK Dresden and Freies Museum
Berlin, Germany Curated by Martin J. (German)

Mabuk Sampah Art’s Community PEREK. Biennale Jogyakarta.
Vote Notes LAB.LT. Tembi Contemporary Jogjakarta
Exposign ISI JOGJAKARTA – Jogja Galeri Jogjakarta, JEC Jogjakarta.
September Ceria Jogja Gallery, Jogjakarta
Kunduran Truk Perempuan Experimental. Kersan Art Studio-Jogyakarta. Curated by Rahmaniani
Blueprint for Jogya Tembi Contemporary Jogyakarta
Exhibionist Kersan Art Studio, Jogyakarta Indonesia