Purwanto SPA

Purwanto SPA has the perspective on city exteriority which he sees only as the representation of the past in its semiotic nostalgia. Lest we forget that a city has its own time of abundance but that it has been uprooted from its mythical time to be replaced by time machine.

There’s sarcasm in Purwanto SPA’s point of view, in which that at its core, urban people are still pretty much mentally ‘backward’! People who initially so ready to overcome time but in the end are rendered helpless by their own apparatus failure to be ready. But city to Purwanto SPA is an aesthetic exterior due to the contrast of those very ‘slickness’ and ‘backwardness’. Moreover, city is seen as a significance of the merge of traditional icon and global capitalism icon just like wayang personage on dollar stage.

Urban people establish the kingdom of pleasure on behalf of sport, leveling down woods to make room for hitting on small balls while socializing, and yet still have the need for those science-fiction (or mythical?) amusement from crop circle to represent the unexpected stage of previous life?

Purwanto SPA’s critic stabs right at the heart of the issue of the heart of the city and the heart of the urban people are in their own ambiguity within the threshold of city-village, anxiously wishing whether in such ambiguity there is still hope of overcoming the mechanistic time machine that will enable us to party with individual creativity?

Time Machine

Purwanto SPA

PURWANTO SPA (Seno purwanto Aji)
Jombang-16 October 1974

Achievement Award:
2011 Nomination of “Nusantara exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia.
2004 Graduate as the highest score from Jakarta Institute of Art
2003 Student with highest rank by Jakarta Institut of Arts

Solo Exhibition
Year 2003 “Hegemony, Village and The Forgotten” Painting Exhibition
at Imperial Country Hotel Arya Duta Lipo Karawaci Tangerang Indonesia

Selected Group Exhibition :
2013 :
Time Machine, Philo Art Space, Jakarta

“Show Time” Jonant Gallery Tangerang Banten Indonesia.
“Idiotisme” Gudeg Gallery Tangerang Banten Indonesia.
“LPSB dan GalNas-Menyoal Tubuh” Gedung Cagar Budaya
Serang Banten Indonesia.
“Indie Art” Universitas Multimedia Nusantara Gading
Serpong Tangerang Banten Indonesia.
“Ke-Banten-an” Festifal Banten Indonesia.

“A[R]TSEM” Hotel Dafam Semarang, Indonesia.
“Bagl Spring Time” Berlin Germany.
”Nusantara 2011” National Gallery of Indonesia.
“Jambore Nasional Pasar Seni Jaya Ancol 2011” Jakarta

2010 Tramendum, Philo Art Space Fine Art 5th Anniversary
Exhibition, Galeri Nasional Indonesia,
Jakarta. “Baby Talks” Philo Artspace Jakarta. “ Wouw!!!”
Tujuh Bintang Art Space Yogyakarta. ”Feel The Vibe” Arslonga
Gallery Yogyakarta. “Indonesian with Love” Crown
Hotel Jakarta
2009 “Menyoal Patriarki” Painting Exhibition Philo Art Space
Jakarta Indonesia. “Fantasy Object” painting Exhibition
at Galery Millenium Jakarta. “#1 @empatpuluhtahun.
ikj” at Galeri Cipta II Jakarta. “The King” Borobudur International
Art Festival Magelang Central Java. “o,o Art
Project” Galeri Cipta II TIM Jakarta. “ Festival Hijau 6” BSD
City Tangerang Banten. Melukis Bersama”Anti Kosrupsi”
Departemen Pertanian Indonesia. 2009 “Transmisi” Museum
Kartini Jepara central Java
2008 “S[y]ure” Painting Exhibition Philo Art Space Jakarta
Indonesia. “100 Tahun Kebangkitan Nasional” Crown Hotel
Jakarta Indonesia

2007 “The World Of Soul” Art Exhibition at Biasa Gallery Yogyakarta
Indonesia. “Hold The Position” Painting Exhibition
Milenium Gallery Jakarta Indonesia

2006 “CaliGraphy” Painting Exhibition at Restaurant Gallery Gudeg
Citra Raya Tangerang Banten Indonesia.

2005 “Together with Tangerang Art Consult” at Tangerang Indonesia.
“Together With Jakarta Institutes of Art” at Cipta II GalleryTaman
Ismail Marzuki Jakarta Indonesia

2004 “Dunia Seni Rupa Sebagai Proses Pembelajaran” Indonesian
Fine Art Students Painting Exhibition at Indonesia National
Gallery Jakarta. “The End Year study” Exhibition at Cipta III
Taman Ismail Marzuki Gallery Jakarta Indonesia. “13+” Galeri
Cipta II Taman Ismail Marzuki.

Exhibition of Indonesian Artist Wood Block Prints, at Gallery
Irenz Hintere Srasse 2070734 Fellbach Germany

“Seno and Deddy Paw “ Painting Exhibition at Ibis Hotel Kemayoran
Jakarta Indonesia
2000 “The very lately new movement” with Jakarta Institut of
Arts Jakarta Indonesia

1995to2002 Art Fest regularly painting exhibition at Sekolah
Pelita Harapan Lipo Karawaci Tangerang Banten Indonesia

1991 “Together” Sanggar Gebyar Painting Exhibition – Jombang
East Java Indonesia